Ballon Blanc Ultra Hydrating Facial Cream


Introducing our Vegan Facial Cream, carefully crafted to provide your skin with deep and long-lasting moisture for a healthy, supple complexion that lasts all day. Experience the benefits that our customers love:

  • Formulated with a unique blend of low-molecular and high-molecular compounds of 9 types of hyaluronic acid, delivering rich and abundant moisture to the skin
  • Improves the skin's natural ability to retain moisture, leaving it hydrated and moisturized even after extended wear
  • Enriched with botanical collagen Phytocolastin, panthenol, and betaine to help maintain skin elasticity and promote a youthful glow

Here's how to incorporate it into your skincare routine:

  1. Prep your skin with toner and serum.
  2. Take a moderate amount of the cream and gently massage it into your skin, allowing it to fully absorb.

Quench your skin's thirst with our Vegan Facial Cream, for a radiant and healthy complexion. Try it today and experience the difference!



Ballon Blanc Ultra Hydrating Facial Cream
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